The Belgian Freight
Forwarding Association

L-EARN: job student database

Young FORWARD Belgium aims to offer students with a logistics background the opportunity to carry out an interesting holiday job. They have therefore created the database "L-earn: vacancies for logistics students".

By combining their theoretical knowledge with practical experience, students can get a taste of the real life of a forwarder and will undoubtedly become passionate about our sector.

The student database gives students the opportunity to choose a company that can offer more than just a student job with administration tasks. Are you a student and would you like to gain a first experience within our fascinating sector and be involved in the operational activities of a company?

If you, as a FORWARD Belgium member, also have student jobs to offer to
students with a logistics background, you can apply to the
Young FORWARD Belgium secretariat:

Young FORWARD Belgium

Brouwersvliet 33 / bus 1


Tel.: 03 233 67 86